Where do our women stand?

Where do our women stand?

Published October 28, 2022

Recent studies have proven that women make up half the world’s workforce and are college graduates, yet only hold a quarter of leadership roles. The prospect here states that gender inequality still circulates in the current society, which we shall pinpoint to set light on the common struggles women face. As we delve into this subject, we kindly ask for a response from you all. Do we really want this for our future girls?

The main concerns focus on educating our girls to a certain stage of professionalism, only to later watch them be unpleasantly misjudged and placed below their standards for their gender. This prolonged behavior does not only shut down women from going into the business industry, but also demotivates many parents from enrolling their girl children in school. As the saying goes in most households where I’m from, “no matter the intelligence of a girl child, her husband’s kitchen will always be her place.”


One of the general causes of this dysfunction is the lack of mentorship and societal expectations for women. This reduces their chances of gaining skills and it indirectly sets a prediction that they can’t go beyond the general bar. There should be a penetration to possibly minimize these exaggerated thoughts that females don’t deserve to be pioneers.

To combat this, institutions should provide and support family-friendly policies, enabling men to also partake in family duties as much as women. In addition, increase the diversity of teams by having women in leadership roles. Thus, it has been surveyed by Zenger Folkman that they tend to have better long-term performance and be more profitable for firms. Furthermore, women have proven themselves to be calm and better listeners, which provides a higher rate of self-development.


It’s a nationwide fact that women easily motivate others and have a wide range of initiatives to offer.

A wise woman once said, “Power is not given to you. You have to take it. ” This quote represents reinforcements, giving one the right to fight for what they want, crossing out fear of possible barriers. Ladies must be fueled to ignore the odds and be able to work past public opinion to obtain their goals. That’s the only way to break these chains society has set around them.


Taking you back to the highlight of this piece, “be your sisters’ keepers,” for what our girls really need is to see their mothers and sisters taking on incredible leadership tasks, setting their own personal boundaries, conquering high industrial positions, and as a whole, proving society wrong. That should be enough to boost any girl child’s self-esteem.


Power is not given to you. You have to take it

Jonsaba Trawally : Intern