Naya F. Powell

Naya F. Powell

Published November 24, 2021

Utopia – an imagined place of paradise or heaven on earth. first heard this word from Naya F. Powell, CEO and Founder of Utopia Spa and Global Wellnessand number one bestselling author of 30 Days to Utopia Living: Unleash Abundance in Your Mind, Spirit, Body, and Relationships 

Naya is a woman of faith who believes in empowering people. She values the 5Fs- faith, family, field, fitness, and fun. As a 3rd-generation entrepreneur, growing up in an entrepreneurial family made her passionate about self-care and wellbeing. She observed and experienced the freedom and fulfillment of business ownership, as well as the intense levels of work, stress and even burnout. Naya has witnessed these implications personally, in her corporate experience and within her family. For this reason, she founded Utopia Spa and Global Wellness  which delivers luxe spa and virtual wellness experiences on-demand. Naya is also a graduate of Google for Startups: Black Founders Exchange and a recipient of their funding.  

Naya is a highly regarded thoughtleader in the world of wellness and innovative self-care. As a Wholistic Lifestyle Strategist and Executive Coach, she offers fifteen plus years of expertise providing wellness solutions for individuals, top brands, and Fortune 500 companies. Her company’s client list includes the 2020 Olympic Trials, NFL – Super Bowl, The Ritz Carlton, Google, Martha Stewart, Sean Combs, Angela Bassett, and others. Naya promotes Utopian Lifestyle Strategies as a global speaker, executive coach, mindfulness facilitator, and lifestyle retreat curator. 

It doesn’t stop there, she also believes that Utopia Living is giving. She serves on the Board of the Daniel Center of Math and Science and speaks at various colleges and universities. Her mission is to spread life-giving services to the world and empower others to live their most passionate lives on purpose…*wholisticallyShe is also a member of the Board of Directors and a global mentor for The Woman Boss. “One remarkable thing about The Woman Boss is the selfless vision to produce so much change for women everywhere, changing the legacy in their families and breathing life into their dreams and it is such and honor for me to be part of it all”, she says. During her first and recent visit to The Gambia, Naya joined The Woman Boss during Cohort 4 training of our Accelerator Program. She delivered a Mindful Leadership training on behalf of Utopia Spa and Global Wellness to 17 Gambian women entrepreneurs, and they were in awe of her. During her trip, she also sponsored one of our Woman Boss School Ambassador’s’ community project by donating care packages to 20 young girls in Bakoteh Senior Secondary School to promote self-care and personal hygiene. Utopia Living is truly giving!

Naya has had her share of life’s curveballs thrown her way especially as a Black woman living in America, but she never allows that to dim her ability to shine through and be the light in every room she walks into. My personal experiences with her have been nothing short of positive, and did I mention, she is the best hype woman you will ever find?! Especially when taking your photos, she will make you laugh and feel so good about yourself. Empowerment is truly her talent! 

Her advice to women is, Continue to show up, continue to surround yourself with knowledge, do not let fear get in the way! While most will argue that utopia is impossible to achieve because things can never be perfect, you can ‘youtopia-live’ like Naya because your life is your paradise. Do more of what you desire for how you live is YOUR decision! #Utopiaisgiving #selflove


SIDE NOTE:  In October 2022, Utopia Spa and Global Wellness is collaborating with The Woman Boss to bring you an exquisitely curated journey of West African culture, cuisine, history, art, music, wild-life, luxury spa, and wellness! You can learn more about this trip and Utopia Spa and Global Wellness’s curated spa and lifestyle retreats for entrepreneurs and professionals to restore, empower and transform exquisite relaxation here!

Written by:
Ndey Mariam Camara
Intern and Woman Boss School Ambassador


“Salute to my African Queens!

I am because you are, we are because you were.

As I reflect upon the levels of women bosses in The Gambia and Senegal, I am filled with emotion. I believe my experience will continue to unfold over a lifetime.

I see pieces of myself, my mother, grandmothers, aunties, nieces, and sisters!

I see enterprising women putting on their best- even when they don’t feel like it and showing up anyway. Quitting is not an option.

They do so to provide for their families. Resourceful women using what they have to turn it into more!

I see young girls determined to defy the odds, charter new territory and create new legacy for their families through education.

Thank you to every queen I encountered during my journey. Thank you for your pride, your strength your crown, your enterprising spirit, your resourcefulness, your steadfast motherhood with baby in tow, your bold-beautiful garment (whether selling mangoes, goods or walking to the market). As I observed many women while in West Africa, I saw a glimpse of my maternal grandmother.

While she never drove, she would dress to impress when she walked to the market in Philly.

No matter how far apart in years, miles or oceans- we are one!

In this moment I can say, I am inspired, proud and even more determined!

Shoutout to my women bosses around the world!”

This is a caption from one of Naya's posts just after her visit to West Africa. My heart was filled with emotions as I read through it, and I believe every woman should read it too.