Marie Jeng

Marie Jeng

Published May 4, 2021

The Woman Boss continues to work towards achieving the SDGs through initiatives that support women and girls. Today we are taking you behind the scenes and featuring Marie Jeng, an influential young lady in the execution of many of our initiatives.

Marie is The Program Manager at The Woman Boss. She is a recent graduate of the University of The Gambia, with a bachelor’s degree in law. Outside of The Woman Boss, she is currently following the barrister of laws program to be further qualified to practice in The Gambia. Marie and her husband are also working together to set up their own entrepreneurial venture, the details of which we will hear about soon. 

Marie is a simple person and a woman of substance,fueled by her fear of failure. She is not scared to speak up, disrupt, and move mountains to change narratives. She started working at The Woman Boss as a Program Associate when it was first founded in 2018. Marie worked herself up the ladder and eventually became the Programs Manager.

Here, she brainstormed project ideas, wrote concept notes, and did a bit of finance mobilization. Marie ensured that project ideas were in-line with The Woman Boss’ goals, but at the same time, extremely impactful in the Gambian community. She was instrumental in the development of 
The Rural Women in Agriculture concept, a project on the verge of implementation.

Marie is highly appreciated in the workspace, which she describes as ‘a peaceful environment, where you could just walk in and feel happy, feel like you’re independent to do what you can and given a free environment to initiate and be your best self always’. She says to have never felt like she was being micromanaged because Awamary Khan-Lowe, founder and CEO of The Woman Boss, always gave her the space to shine. This young woman speaks so enthusiastically about The Woman Boss, its Founder, and the staff she works with. She truly believes in what the organization stands for; being the first of its kind in The Gambia, it is so unique and refreshing to people in the country. Marie loves the fact that she got to work with women who will attest firsthand that The Woman Boss has had an impact on their lives and businesses. She hopes that the organization can continue to mobilize funding, so that this impact expands across the country and is long-lasting.

Marie’s work with women and girls certainly will not end with The Woman Boss. She wants to start ‘The SheWorld’, a brand that combines aspects of women empowerment and fashion. Doing what we do best, The Woman Boss will be there for Marie every step of the way – offering an ecosystem of support and a space to curate, innovate, and grow, as she embarks on this entrepreneurial endeavor.

Written by:

Ndey Mariam Camara

Intern and Woman Boss High School Ambassador


Remember, sisterhood is an obligation, not a choice. People say most of the times, when you’re together with women, the likelihood of getting into fights is very high. Prove them wrong, that’s not all they should remember about women.

Marie Jeng