Our Values

Achieving the SDGs through the support & empowerment of women and girls.

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About The Woman Boss

The Woman Boss is a creative space for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Gender Equity, where women and girls curate, collaborate, innovate, and grow. It provides women with an inspiring community and an experiential process that catalyzes innovative thinking and enables them to successfully build and grow.

Its creation means stronger recognition as an economic development driver, creating public value, and becoming agents of positive change for women, globally. The Woman Boss’ goal is to help bridge the gender gap by providing education, resources, and nurturing women and girls to have equal success to economic opportunities.

We provide an ecosystem of support for women and girls that fosters intellectual capital to leverage different learning platforms. We also believe that creating women bosses should start early, our leadership series ensures that women and girls have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to be successful in theirs venture and future careers.

Our Impact

11 Countries
5,986 Women & Girls Impacted
870 Women in Entrepreneurs reached
104 women in politics and leadership reached
733 Women and Girls Mentored

Our Vision

To increase economic opportunities for women.

Our Mission

To connect, inspire, and support women and young girls, by promoting innovation and entrepreneurial learning, leadership skills, and being a catalyst for creative action.

Quotes From Members and Entrepreneurs

The Woman Boss is the Panacea of feeling empowered. The training has greatly influenced my business, knowledge and understanding of business best practices. It has also given me the opportunity to grow in all my business endeavors.

Sainabou Kabba Jobe
Founder of T and T Fashion/Food Processing

The Woman Boss training has made an impact on my business. I am now able to create a pitch deck and present in front of investors. Thank you to the team

Christiana Jatta
Managing Director of CJ. Electrical and Solar

The Woman Boss training has taught me to focus on what I want, and not what I fear. This has had a great impact on how I make business decisions now.

Amie Darboe

Thumbs up to the Woman Boss for providing me with the training. It was full extremely impactful, educative, and interesting. It couldn’t have been better. My business can only grow from here. Once again thank you for making me a Woman Boss.

Inna Sanyang

The Woman Boss training has challenged me to improve on my business and the techniques learned have taken me a step further in structuring our startup. I also appreciate the practical activities which helped us implement every lesson learned in live sessions. This enabled us to see real time changes in our businesses and I also love the energy shared within this network of sisterhood.

Maimuna Jabbie

Thank you to The Woman Boss for this wonderful training, which gave me an opportunity to unlearn a lot of poor business practices. I enjoyed sharing ideas and networking with the other fellow women entrepreneurs.

Aminata Jallow

The Woman Boss has taught me a lot about managing and owning a business, which I am so grateful for. I also got to learn from other women entrepreneurs, who are so amazing at what they do. Thank you, Woman Boss, for this wonderful opportunity.

Mam Mbass Samba

I learned a lot from the training, especially when it comes to bookkeeping and how to market myself to the world. The Woman Boss team is superb – they provided us with a space that felt like home. Thanks for all your efforts!

Mam Jarra Touray

The Woman Boss training has really built my confidence and inspired me to work even harder to uplift and empower other women-owned businesses, as we strive to break the glass ceiling.

Harriet Tuty Seymon

The Woman Boss has helped me reorient my business goals and improve my business performance. I am thankful for the new skills I have learned, which has made me more efficient at my job and capable of handling different responsibilities and challenges.

Ida Mboob Joseph

The Woman Boss has helped build my confidence especially when it comes to creating a pitch deck and business plan.

Rebecca O. Jallow

The Woman Boss has taught me the importance of collaborating with other women entrepreneurs. The training has helped me to understand that being a leader is beyond being bossy, but actually putting yourself out as a servant who pushes others to grow and excel.

Bintou Sarah Dibbasey

It is through The Woman Boss accelerator program I learned the true meaning of sisterhood – inspiring, empowering, and uplifting one another. The strength of women coming together is remarkable. Being with women who are breaking barriers and challenging the status quo with fearless vision was truly a game changer for me. Most importantly, I learned how to present my business to various stakeholders with a competitive edge.

Fatima Jonkong Jammeh

The Woman Boss training really impacted my business for the better. I am now able to write a pitch and present in front of investors. Thank you to the team!

Christiana Jatta

The classes were interesting and informative. We have learnt a lot and I hope that it will have a great impact on my business. Thank you to The Woman Boss team: Maimuna, Omar, Awamary and the rest of the staff.

Binta Jallow

I learned a lot of skills on leadership, entrepreneurship and business management which has already had a significant impact on my business!

Khadijatou Barry Awe

The Woman Boss Programme has boosted my confidence. I have learned a lot in such a short time: leadership skills, marketing strategies, selling technics, finance , and performance management. I can confidently introduce my business now and I am enjoying sharing what I learned with my team and clients. I will not forget to constantly reflect on the vision and mission for my business to ensure that I keep focused on my goals. It was great to meet other likeminded women who are now my support network! Thank you, Woman Boss!

Yasameen Demba

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Programs & Initiatives

As you know, women in business drive our economy, create jobs and boost spending. Women have a direct impact on building and sustaining economic growth within our communities.

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