Our Values

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About The Woman Boss

The Woman Boss is a female-focused organization where we foster Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, where women and girls curate, collaborate, innovate, and grow. We provide women entrepreneurs with an inspiring community and an experiential process that catalyzes innovative thinking and enables them to successfully scale their businesses.

Our creation means stronger recognition as an economic development driver, creating public value, and becoming agents of positive change for women, globally. We foster economic development and are a catalyst for innovation for women and girls.

The Woman Boss aims to provide an ecosystem of support for women and girls that fosters intellectual capital and allows to leverage different learning platforms. We also believe that creating Women Bosses should start early. We provide leadership series for both professional women and young girls. We want to ensure that women and girls have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to be successful.

Our Impact

11 Countries
1,121 Women & Girls Impacted
500+ Women Entrepreneurs Reached
300+ Women & Girls Mentored

Our Vision

To increase economic opportunities for women.

Our Mission

To connect, inspire, and support women and young girls, by promoting innovation and entrepreneurial learning, leadership skills, and being a catalyst for creative action.

Quotes From Members/Entreprenuers

The Woman Boss has set the base for my brand to reach excellence.

Amie Sohna

The Woman Boss has helped me gain access to very significant knowledge and network.

Ndey Fatou Njie
CEO, Tiga

Latest Posts


22Dec 2020

UNCOMPLICATED COFFEE – Let’s Talk All Things Women

The Woman Boss in partnership with UNFPA held a meetup on December 22nd, 2020. The Woman Boss in collaboration with UNFPA The Gambia hosted a series meetup: Uncomplicated Coffee – Let’s Chat All Things Women! We provided a safe space where women confidently spoke up without being judged and received the necessary psychological support from […]

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15Oct 2020

International Day of the Girl 2020

The Woman Boss is still committed to maintaining its mandate after almost two years of existence. Our motivation to empower and create the next generation of female leaders and successful young women in business is derived from our undoubtable credence in the capabilities of young women. Gambian women and our culture have been plagued by […]

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5Mar 2020

The Woman Boss Accelerator Program

All women’s work whether paid or unpaid generate a whopping USD 11 trillion globally. They contribute 37 percent of the global GDP according to a statement made by UN Women. The Woman Boss is a firm believer that women are the main drivers of every economy, hence the creation of The Woman Boss’ Accelerator program. […]

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Programs & Initiatives

As you know, women in business drive our economy, create jobs and boost spending. Women have a direct impact on building and sustaining economic growth within our communities.

Membership Fees And Benefits

She Wants It Level

  • D200 per month
  • It includes access to the center for an hour of a day
  • Plus 20 minutes of mentoring/coaching per month
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The Student Level

  • D100 per month
  • It includes access to the center for an hour of a day
  • Plus 20 minutes of mentoring/coaching per month
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She Owns It Level

  • D500 per month
  • It access to the center for one half a day per month
  • Plus 45 minutes of mentoring/coaching per month
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Her Diaspora Engagement Level

  • D1,000 per month
  • It includes access to the center for one full day
  • Plus 1.5 hours of mentoring/coaching per month
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