Fatima Gomez

Fatima Gomez

Published June 1, 2021

The Woman Boss is an organization that strongly believes and acts towards raising the status and standards of women and girls in all leadership roles. We find it necessary to groom young girls into worthy leaders of the future, so we started our School Ambassador’s Initiative in January 2020.

In November of 2019, Fatima Gomez was chosen as a representative of Gambia Methodist Academy. She was one of nine girls selected from the different schools to become a Woman Boss Ambassador. Fatima is currently a first-year law student at the University of The Gambia, and she is a very active advocate against all forms of Gender Based Violence, especially Female Genital Mutilation.

Fatima was raised by her mother and aunt, who she says played a major role in her growth and development into the young lady that she is today. At a very early age, she witnessed several gender-related struggles in her household, which is the reason she decided to become a voice for women and girls. Fatima is driven by her passion to help improve the growth and welfare of women and girls in her community. It goes without saying, the Woman Boss School Ambassador’s Initiative was right down her ally. She applied as soon as she saw an opportunity for her voice to be heard.

When asked, “why The Woman Boss?”, she answered, “This organization provides me with a sisterhood. It’s one thing to do what you love doing alone, but it’s another thing to have a team of sisters to do this work with”.

Through The Woman Boss, she was given an opportunity to not only advocate for change, but to also be involved in the process of making change in her community. Each School Ambassador was tasked with choosing a community problem and implementing a strategy to solve it. Fatima chose ‘Market Set Setal’ as the project she would be focusing on.

‘Market Set Setal’ is all about making a positive impact on the lives of women and the larger community surrounding every market area in The Gambia. Fatima saw that it was necessary for the market environment that many women work in to be clean. She believes that the cleanliness of the market reflects on the products these women sell. She says that it is important that communities feel like they can trust the hygiene and standards of the places and people that feed us.

Our brilliant School Ambassador Fatima Gomez is living proof that you are never too young to speak up and be part of making change.

Written by:
Aji Isatou Nyan
Intern and Woman Boss High School Ambassador


Let’s stop waiting for things to happen, let’s act! Let’s be part of the process not just for ourselves but for others as well

Fatima Gomez