The beginning of a worthwhile journey

The beginning of a worthwhile journey

Published July 19, 2022

The Woman Boss designed the Accelerator program with one goal, to help support entrepreneurs grow and upscale their businesses. 

she is first and foremost a devout follower of Christ, a wife, a proud mother of two wonderful Children, a full-time employee and an entrepreneur (seems like a lot, right?). It would then be obvious that this is a strong, risk-taking and outgoing young lady for whom even the sky is not the limit. She is a grade 12 graduate, a believer in listening to her inner voice and a lover of what she does. Which led her to making skin care products.  

She is a kind, humorous, and outgoing person who finds good in others, yet she is fiercely protective of herself and places a high value on her mental health. 

Right after high school Lillian encountered some major setbacks in her life, but she wasted no time in picking herself up and started working as a receptionist at an executive group, and because of her hard work and dedication her employer wasted no time in promoting her as a manager to their then newly opened restaurant called Havana and Chico’s. Following through that achievement, you are now reading about the founder and CEO of Black Healing Essentials and a member of DBC’s Commercial department.    

The Woman Boss has played a key role towards the success of my business, like I have mentioned I am passionate about making and selling skin care products, but the woman boss taught me the real meaning of entrepreneurship “I heard about The Woman Boss via a friend who participated in the first cohort of the Accelerator program. She stated that the training was excellent and beneficial, which is why I applied.” 

“Through this initiative I was able to learn network and be mentored. The accelerator program came with an air of solidarity among women pursuing a similar interests and struggles, for it is one thing to have a circle of friends, circle of people who love you and want to be there for you but with the woman boss I got bond with women I share similar ideologies with, in relations to my passion and business growth and it was amazing.  

The participants were of diverse ages ranges, and some had been in business for years and for Lillian it was like a goldmine of new information, getting the opportunity to be trained by a qualified, friendly, energetic professional who always had a smile on his face. According to her the classes where very lively, there was never a boring moment the trainer Serign Omar Lowe always kept them on their toes and was very determined to unlock their potentials engaging them in lots of stimulating activities like creating pitch decks and public speaking “I got my hands on very rich contents and guidance for free”.

Lillian went further to say that with all the positive impact the program has had on her personal growth and her business, her favorite part of it all was the one on one counselling.
 During the program the participants get to be paired and mentored by well established Woman Bosses in the diaspora and Lillian was partnered with the Foundation and CEO of Utopia Spa and wellness- Naya F. Powell, an author and a wholistic lifestyle strategist.  

“She was so engaging, friendly and full of positive vibes, this lady guided and pushed me to go the extra mile to grow” before their sessions Lillian did know that she was making profit but with Naya’s guidance, she was able to figure out and record the exact figures she was spending, earning and how to price her products. She saw me through it the whole three months of mentoring making sure I was comfortable, being very understanding of my double per-shoots “when ever I was busy at the office, she would be the one to tell me let’s reschedule, Naya would give me pointers/ideas on how to maneuver time which have always struggled with, and she really helped with that. 


Lillian Loves to dance and going to the gym but above all she loves formulating, according to her it stimulates her brain and makes her think, being curious people Lillian love trying out new things making new and perfecting her products, she also loves cleaning and going out to try new food, Lillian loves food.

At the end of our conversation, she was asking how does she do? How does she balance in all and remain jolly and maintain a healthy lifestyle?


“I have an invaluable support system, my family. My mom and sister are always ready to lean a hand and my husband my personal he for she. He cooks, cleans and baths the kids and to make me happy and this makes things easy for me.”

In two years, Mrs. Bruce envisions herself to be a self-employed Woman Boss and a certified aesthetician and five years down the line wants to open her very on esthetical school and start exporting her products globally and her brand recognized worldwide.
 These goals inspire her to wake up everyday and make the most of it, because this young lady believes if you can visualize it, you can achieve it and her eyes are on the price. 






I am driven by my passions and believe in working hard yet smartly. Passion does not pay the bills, and you need to construct a safety net to fall back on when things don’t go as planned, which is why I believe in and maintain a balance between my employment and my business.





Written by : Aji Isatou Nyan