Women in Agriculture- TWB Farms

Women in Agriculture- TWB Farms

Agriculture remains one of the sectors rural women can continue tapping into in order to achieve food self-sufficiency, empowerment and financial independence, while improving the economic growth of our country. Most women in The Gambia especially in the rural areas, are victims of economic or financial violence because they rely solely on the income of their husbands to sustain the family and as a result, are forced to endure all the hardships that may arise from such unhealthy relationships. If this must change, then women need to be provided with the skillset and adequate resources to explore the natural resources The Gambia is already endowed with. Therefore, this project “RURAL WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE’’, seeks to penetrate the rural communities and gather women in a common platform, speak to them in their local dialects about their challenges in this sector and visit their farms to measure the amount of help required for them to boost. This will be followed by curated training geared towards helping them with better ways to have access to market in order to sell their harvest, how to re-invest, save and educate on finances, as well as how to improve the technologies used for irrigation. The program will run for a whole year with a target reach of 60 women – 2 cohorts each of 30 women. There will be ongoing evaluation to assess the impact of the project.

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